About Compton Grand Prix

Compton Grand Prix started life as CPT-F1 and was created by Lee Compton back in 2006 on blogger.com as a place for him to express his opinions on the world of Formula 1. However it soon grew to encompass other forms of motor sport including GP2, A1GP and MotoGP which is what led to the name change.

Towards the end of that season Lee was approached to contribute to the Forumula1.net site, and although he did write two pieces for that site (seperated by a couple of years), and for a time was an active member of the forum, for reasons unknown he lost his enthusiasm for writing and so disappeared quietly into cyberspace.

This blog is Compton Grand Prix’s re-appearance, to enlighten the world with the views of Lee Compton. If you do take time to read then feel free to comment!