2011 Australian GP

A little later than planned, my thoughts on, and during, the Australian GP…

Sat under my spare duvet on the sofa waiting for F1 on BBC 1 HD

Knew I should have bought some coffee yesterday!

Don’t forget not only is there F1 today, but also Indy Car, World Rally Championship, World Superbikes and NASCAR with Juan Pablo Montoya on Pole!

~ thoughts on the Indy Car race will follow tomorrow after I’ve actually watched it! Possibly NASCAR too depending on how things go ~

Catching up on overnight tweets and Will Buxton points out the similarities in looks of Sebastian Vettel and Justin Bieber!

Glad there are no more Bread Vans out there

~ The bread van look is something I have not liked in recent F1 history, more commonly known as the ‘anvil wing’ or engine cover fin, I always thought they made cars ugly and were – up until the introduction of the ‘f’ duct -pointless unless you were the sponsor that appeared on the side of the bread van. Really glad that they are no longer permitted in F1, although they have made there way into the world of Le Man Series Prototypes ~

Hmm, breakfast before the race, or try and wait until after?

Eddie Jordan; “I think he (Vettel) was just having a laugh with us, he knows where the (KERS) button is!” Really? What makes you think that Eddie?! *facepalm*

Martin Brundle being very polite on the grid walk today!

Ironically after the blocking done by Red Bull mechanics at the back of their car, there was a Red Bull guy studying the back of the McLaren

~ I later found out that it’s now against regulations to sheild the car from prying eyes in the way that Red Bull did on the the grid, but no penalty or warning given to the team ~

May not tweet much during the race as I’ll be busy watching it!

~ I happened to be completely wrong about that… ~

Hamilton’s poor start baulks Button & allows Vettel to pull out a huge lead!

~ it wasn’t just Hamilton getting away slowly that caused Button to fall back at the start, I’d say that Button reacted late to his teammate being sluggish and by the time he tried to move to the side other cars were in his way. With his start being compromised he didn’t have the best line into the first corner and was just crowded out, leaving him behind Massa ~

Rear wing does not allow a clearly faster Button to pass Massa

~ and I was surprised Button didn’t use the KERS after it was reset at the start/finish line to try and get alongside the Ferrari ~

Alonso passed Rosberg on the DRS

How slow is Massa?! And how is Button not getting past him if Alonso can catch up so quick?!

~ obviously Button couldn’t get past because Massa was driving defensively, Button stated on his team radio that Massa “can’t keep moving on the straight like that” implying that Massa was making more than the allowed one line change – so effectively weaving ~

Maldonado stopped, Button cuts chicane, Webber pits. Can Button pull out enough of a lead before penalty given?

~ Maldondo’s Williams had gearbox problems causing him to stop on track. Button would claim that He was ahead and Massa turned in on him giving him no option but to cut the chicane ~

Drive through for Button

~ a quick but inevitable decision by the race stewards. Ferrari quickly swapped their driver’s positions after Button passed Massa so that if the McLaren driver had to give the place back to Massa he would have to let Alonso through as well. When Massa stopped for tyres a lap later a drive through was the only option left for the stewards. The penalty was not given for cutting the chicane and gaining an advantage, but for ‘exceeding the track limits’ the wording is important for me, as you’re about to find out ~

Vettel exceeds track limits to overtake Button, will he get a penalty?! Hamilton pits, rejoins between Vettel and Button

No, Vettel did not receive a penalty for his indiscretion. BBC commentary said he wouldn’t because the pass was over by the time he left the track, however, he did have all four wheels way outside the limits of the track and that is what Button was penalised for. Either way though, Vettel gained a position by leaving the track. He should have given the place back, or had a drive through ~

Button pits for soft tyres

Kovalainen retires with a water leak, Barrichello moving up the field, Schumacher pulls into garage

~ tweets from Team Lotus principal Tony Fernandes said they knew this was going to happen to Kovalainen. Schumacher was going very slow all race after early contact and decided to retire on ‘safety grounds’. Barrichello was making really good progress in the race making up for a bad mistake in qualifying and falling off the track at the first corner on lap one, the Williams was fast, but then…. ~

Barrichello hits Rosberg, shame as that Williams looks bloody fast!

Button uses DRS and KERS to overtake Kobayashi

Webber makes his second stop

Ferrari ready for Alonso, who pits

Drive through for Barrichello, causing a collision with Rosberg – why do Williams drivers have a history of throwing good results away?

Hamilton’s floor damaged

~ the undertray of the McLaren was dragging on the ground at the front of the car, this raised concerns that if the car finished the race, wouldn’t pass scrutineering and Hamilton would be disqualified ~

Vettel pits, as does Hamilton

Button pits for hard tyres

Ooh, telemetry comparison graphic!

Webber makes his final stop

Alonso was within one second of Webber at turn 14 but Webber pitted, does Alonso’s DRS still activate down the straight?

~ I still don’t know the answer to this….. ~

Alonso jumps Webber after their final stops thanks to Webber going wide at turn 3 on his out lap

Button passes Massa using DRS

~ shame he couldn’t manage it an hour earlier! ~

Massa pits, Perez now in seventh on his debut – does he need to pit again?

Should have had breakfast pre-race, getting bloody hungry now!

Barrichello retires – from the race, not racing!

~ same gearbox problems as his Williams teammate, Maldonado ~

Massa finally gets past Buemi

Petrov struggling and Alonso catching fast

~ actually Petrov upped his speed at this point to counter Alonso so was probably just looking after older tyres ~

Vettel, Hamilton, Petrov is the podium

Perez confounds F1 world by one-stopping on his way to seventh place in his debut GP

Will Hamilton be penalised for the damage to his car?

~ No is the answer to that one, Hamilton remains second in the results ~

Great job by Martin Brundle and David Coulthard, had my doubts (about DC in particular) but I was impressed

Red Bull did not with any KERS this weekend according to Horner on the BBC

~ not entirely correct, they ran it during Friday practice but had problems so took it off for qualifying and the race ~

BBC F1 forum should be in HD, picture is awful after watching three hours of HD F1!

Red Bull used to be Jaguar F1, shows just how much Ford screwed up their F1 team by not employing the right people

Eddie Jordan needs to get over his aversion to KERS or at least shut up about it! Don’t ruin another season by ranting every session about it

And I will expand on my EJ views elsewhere, but other than that I won’t mention it again as I don’t want to be guilty of the same thing!

~ “elsewhere” will be this blog when I can get around to writing it! ~

Whitmarsh talking crap on BBC, it’s not up to race control to tell them what they should be doing during the race like that!

~ Whitmarsh said that after Button cut the chicane McLaren contacted race director Charlie Whiting to see what they wanted Button to do and the next thing they know a drive through penalty was issued to Button. Everybody watching that race knew that Button should have given the place back, if McLaren really needed the race director to tell them that then they need to sack everyone on their pitwall and everybody in their ‘Mission Control’ back in Woking ~

Big change to the race results… Both Saubers have been excluded for a technical infringement

~ the upper element of the rear wing on both cars failed to meet the required radius, Sauber refute any performance advantage and have announced their intention to appeal the decision ~


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