Australian Saturday

Saturday’s Formula 1 action as it happened via my Twitter..~ Free Practice 3 ~

I’m up and watching FP3 on the BBC red button, will HRT get more than one lap today? Lotus heads on to the track

So if Liuzzi’s HRT is ready, why hasn’t he done an installaion lap?

~and almost as if they’d heard me~

Liuzzi hits the track in the HRT

HRT of Liuzzi has already stopped on track, D’Ambrosio goes wide in the Virgin

Maldonado slides off the track in the Williams

Nice new telemetry graphic!

Webber very quick in first sector

But Button goes quickest on the soft tyres, Webber two tenths slower on the hard tyres

DRS light on Hamilton’s telemetry underneath the KERS battery

So top teams moaning about backmarkers last year leads to 107% rule, but all teams agree to allow anyone outside that time to race

So what’s the point of the rule?!

~turns out that the Stewards make the call, not the teams~

Second HRT on track for first time this weekend but going very slowly

Karthikeyan completes a timed lap, wouldn’t call it a flying lap at 1 minute 40 seconds though!

Red Bull 1-2, McLaren 3-4, Ferrari mixing it with the midfield runners. Qualifying up next, and in HD for the first time!

~ Qualifying ~

EJ (BBC ‘pundit’ and former team owner Eddie Jordan) still opposed to KERS, hope he won’t rant about it all the time like he did in 2009

Qualifying begins and the Renault is first out on track

Both HRTs out on track
6:05 am

BBC F1 really need to take the 16:9 graphic set

HRT need to find several seconds to qualify – two for Liuzzi and four for Karthikayen

Both Team Lotus drivers, both Marussia Virgins and Heidfeld knocked out, officially HRT fail to qualify

~ Neither HRT completed a lap within 107% of the fastest lap in Q1 and the race stewards refused to give them special dispensation to start the race. They’ll be back in Malaysia and hopefully be better prepared ~

Massa struggling, only just made it into Q2. Ferrari running Scared? Using soft tyres in Q1 would suggest that….

Both Williams out on track

Barrichello bins it

Blistering lap by Vettel 1:24.090

Beautiful 360 spin by Sutil!

Barrichello, Sutil, Maldonado, Di Resta, Perez, Alguesuari and Schumacher all knocked out in Q2

Vettel is untouchable in that Red Bull 1:23.529

Massa spins coming out of the pits

Vettel on Pole, Hamilton second then Webber, Button, Alonso, Petrov, Rosberg, Massa, Kobayashi and Buemi

Disappointed teams must be Lotus, Williams, Ferrari and Mercedes all underperforming. Bittersweet for Renault, Petrov great, Heidfeld not!

Looking good for an interesting race tomorrow, have Red Bull sorted traditional early season reliability problems? If they have can anyone get near them? Can Webber get near Vettel’s pace? Talk of their KERS being ‘start only’ which would make it a one off power boost rather than a Kinetic Energy Recovery System as no recovery of any kinetic energy is involved.

All these questions, and more I haven’t asked yet cos I’m tired and writing this in bed, will hopefully be answered in the race in a few hours. Although not for HRT.

See you on Twitter for race day!


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