Friday in Australia

Formula 1 started earlier today with the first two practice sessions in Albert Park, Melbourne. This is how I saw the action on Twitter…

We are go for F1 2011 and Chandhok has already put the Lotus in the wall!

Hamilton on a lap now, activating the rear wing as he goes, I was quite excited to see it open! He aborts the lap and comes in.

Rosberg on track for Mercedes, pulls into the pits without setting a time.

The World Champion is on the track!

The sidewalls of the new Pirelli tyres are very shiny! Maldonado starts a flying lap, his first in an F1 race weekend.

Massa goes fastest then takes a trip to the gravel trap!

New addition to the placings tower is a ‘P’ next to drivers in the pits.

Great rear facing onboard on the Red Bull showing Vettel using the rear wing.

Alonso has a red light on the top left of his steering wheel that would seem to indicate when the rear wing is open.

Chequered flag out, Red Bull start as they mean to go on with a 1-2, Webber ahead of Vettel.

HRT have done less running than this time last year by not making it out in FP1, hope it’s sorted by FP2

McLaren counter lack of running in preseason by running most laps in FP1, but would surely like to be faster

Power nap before FP2 now

Having some toast waiting for FP2 to start. 5liveF1 reporting a bit of rain

FP2 underway, toast is burnt, Perez on (and slightly off) track for Sauber

I think Chandhok getting it wrong this morning is understandable, hasn’t driven an F1 car for months and never used the Pirelli tyres

BBC 5liveF1 reporter Natalie Pinkham saying that HRT will only get an installation lap this afternoon

I’m quieter this session as I’m struggling to keep my eyes open!

Liuzzi finally in the HRT, still in the garage at the moment but they are getting ready

What would HRT have done if the Bahrain race hadn’t been cancelled?!

McLaren 1-2 for FP2 with Button leading Hamilton. No real surprises other than Maldonado’s pace and me burning my toast!

Could barely keep my eyes open ten minutes ago, now I’m back in bed I’m wide awake! Realised I tagged half of my FP2 tweets as FP1, oops!

I have made some alterations due to spelling mistakes, and I’ve removed hashtags and ‘@’ mentions.


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